We want you to win the trip of a lifetime, and we hope you read this first.

Personal Data Disclaimer

Our clients want to know what travelers (you!) are interested in on a per-destination basis. To learn what you're interested in we build "bot-powered" Messenger-based surveys for each of our clientele. Our surveys are interactive, informative & fun.

Many market research companies offer money for completing online surveys; in turn, they sell your (often highly personal) data to multiple buyers.

At Kartograff, we only share your survey results with our clientele so they can create more engaging social content, plan the most desirable tours, and offer you direct deals on great vacations.
When you take a Kartograff survey you're actually entering a contest to win a fully customized vacation of a lifetime!

Our surveys are basically travel planners: we ask you 5 multiple choice questions, like what event interests you most? or what site do you just have to see? and you pick from the options listed.

By completing this survey you're doing two things: teaching our clientele what's trending, but also building your own dream vacation.

Here's where it gets exciting: at the end of the survey period we'll randomly choose a "winning vacation" from the options we've given. If your answers match our answers we'll send you on your customized vacation of a lifetime!

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